3EX Marks Six Years of Excellence: Celebrating with a Grand 10 Million USDT Anniversary Event

3EX Marks Six Years of Excellence: Celebrating with a Grand 10 Million USDT Anniversary Event

The world’s first all-in-one AI trading platform, 3EX, grandly celebrates its sixth anniversary by launching a series of commemorative events, featuring a massive prize pool of 10 million USDT, open for participation to all our new and existing users. Founded alongside the rise of digital assets, 3EX has journeyed through an era of innovation and growth with its users. Amidst the ever-changing crypto landscape, we have witnessed the evolution of 3EX from a dream-filled startup team to a leader of industry innovation. This journey has been fueled by your trust and support, for which we are deeply grateful.

Journey Retrospect: Leading Innovation, Growing Together

3EX, representing Web3 Exchange, is dedicated to creating a digital asset trading platform driven by technological innovation in the Web3 era. Over the past six years, 3EX has consistently adhered to a ‘Customer First, Experience Priority’ philosophy, continuously exploring and innovating. From an initial team of a dozen to a professional team of over 300, we have been making steady progress. We have served over 5 million users, each number representing the growth of 3EX and the accumulation of your trust. Along with our brand upgrade, 3EX has also enhanced its trading matching engine to ensure the platform’s efficiency and stability. The launch of the BitBroker innovative partnership system has set an industry benchmark for large team management. The introduction of the world’s first AI trading system by 3EX is not just a breakthrough in technology and products, but also a testament to our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Pinnacle Creation: AI Trading, Beginning a New Chapter

The rapid development of AI technology has brought revolutionary changes and possibilities to digital asset trading. 3EX has innovatively developed and launched AI trading features, fully leveraging the power of ChatGPT to allow users to create and adjust trading strategies through simple dialogue and simulate historical profits and losses, providing a one-stop AI trading experience. In addition, 3EX’s AI trading copy function allows more users to easily enjoy the conveniences brought by cutting-edge technology, truly realizing asset appreciation. Our goal is not only to “Help Users Make More Profits.” but also to “Help More Users Make Profits.” allowing them to enjoy the benefits of AI technology in trading.

Security First: Fortifying Defenses, Safeguarding Security

Over these six years, 3EX has always prioritized asset security. Our self-developed wallet system employs financial-grade operational standards, ensuring the safe storage and transaction of assets. Our risk control system also provides three levels of protection, comprehensively securing user assets. In six years, 3EX has not experienced a single security incident, truly achieving zero loss of customer assets.

User-Oriented: Quality Service, Achieving Excellence

3EX has always maintained a user-centric approach, constantly optimizing service processes and upgrading the trading interface, committed to providing a more convenient and secure trading experience. Our customer service team provides 24/7 multilingual services, ensuring every user’s needs are promptly met.

6th Anniversary Celebration: Gratitude and Shared Joy

On this 6th anniversary, we are launching a series of celebratory activities, with a total prize pool of 10,000,000 USDT and a variety of rewards waiting for you, as a token of our appreciation for your companionship and support over the past six years. 3EX sincerely looks forward to your participation in celebrating this significant moment!

Looking forward, 3EX will continue to uphold its commitment to excellent service and innovative concepts, providing you with more exceptional trading experiences brought by cutting-edge technology. Thank you for your companionship on this journey. Let us together usher in a more brilliant era of digital asset trading!

Join us at 3EX for an exciting celebration! Register now to explore our AI Trading platform and win rewards. Don’t miss this chance to be part of our special event.

Event details here: https://t.co/nFpfBvimBO

Your participation will shape the future of intelligent trading. Let’s celebrate together at 3EX!

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